Employment Opportunities at the QVCDC

Posted: 1/12/2015

Financial Fitness Club Coordinator:

Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation is looking for a 10 hour/week (on average) Financial Fitness Club Coordinator for a one-year pilot program, the FINANCIAL FITNESS CLUB, in Ware.  The Coordinator will schedule and conduct regular Financial Fitness Club meetings, teach financial capability-building skills and assist participants to meet their Individual Development Account (matched savings) goals.  The Coordinator will maintain frequent contact with participants and assist with applications, reporting and related paperwork.

Current AFCPE accreditation necessary, as is prior experience teaching financial capability-building to adult learners.  Demonstrated proficiency with MS Office Suite required.

Please respond by 30 January 2015. Send resume to GailFF@qvcdc.org.

Job Description: The Financial Fitness Club Coordinator (the “Coordinator”) supports the Program Manager by performing administrative duties related to coordinating the Individual Development Asset (IDA) program at QVCDC known as the Harrison and Diane Quirk Financial Fitness Club.

In order to excel in the job, the Coordinator will meet these requirements:

tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Have good problem solving skills, be resourceful and take the initiative when needed.
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Have a good understanding and knowledge of the requirements of the IDA program
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Be able to work independently and be organized in his/her work to ensure that tasks are completed in
    a timely manner.
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Be an experienced trainer/teacher of adult learners, with current accreditation by the Association of Financial 
    Counseling, Planning and Evaluation (AFCPE)
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Have excellent communication and record-keeping skills and be professional when dealing with participants     and in all aspects of the program.
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Demonstrate proficiency with MS Office Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook

Duties and Responsibilities (included, but are not limited to):

tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Supports the Program Manager by scheduling individual and group meetings, providing agenda and minutes, 
    collecting data necessary for the preparation of required reports
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Assists in participants’ application preparation and outreach for the program.
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Assists in developing a time-line for participants in the program
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Supports the program manager in preparations for the participant application review process
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Assists in the preparation and update of participant materials
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Assists the program manager in the orientation of participants to the program
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Provides financial capability training to participants
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Coordinates participant monitoring activities and meeting attendance
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Maintains participant information and program records
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Maintains a record of participant attendance
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Assists with evaluation process
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Participates in funder site visits and internal reviews
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Demonstrates awareness of program goals and objectives
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Has a good knowledge of the terminology used in the program.
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Utilizes available resources and websites in an efficient way to help enhance the program
tl_files/QVCDC/images/arrow.gif Networks with other coordinators, MIDAS Collaborative, Monson Savings Bank and others to share 
   information and to gain knowledge that would help improve the program




QVCDC is seeking part-time computer instructors.  Our computer training courses feature classes for small businesses, entrepreneurs and adult learners.  Courses include:  Microsoft Office products (advanced Excel skills highly desired), QuickBooks, Windows 8 and Windows/Internet Beginner classes. Our classes are small, personal and hands-on and are designed to accommodate students with a wide range of skill levels.  Sessions are scheduled mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends throughout the calendar year.  

Compensation:  hourly rate, starting at $25/hour, based on qualifications and experience.

Resumes may be emailed to mail@qvcdc.org, mailed to us at QVCDC, 23 West Main Street, Ware 01082, or faxed to us at 413.967.3008.